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Frequently asked questions

You can earn Points on MyRBX by completing surveys, taking quizzes, downloading apps, and much more! There are always new offers being added, so if you run out of offers, just check back later.

We are always working to add new ways for you to earn Points. If you run out of offers, keep trying and do not get discouraged!

Completing offers is the easiest way to earn Points on MyRBX! We have a wide variety of Partners for you to choose from. Click on one of the Partners you want to try out.


Next to each offer is a list of requirements you must complete, in order to get credited. Make sure you fully complete these requirements with legitimate information.


Yes, we have already paid more than 300 000 Robux to our users! We do not require any sensitive information from you except for your Roblox name(to send your Robux when you withdraw). So your account is 100% Safe

Best place to earn Robux for free! With MyRBX you can buy anything in Roblox and pay nothing for it. Here you will earn it by completing simple offers or doing easy tasks online.

Currently there are 2 ways to withdraw your points:

1 - (Recommended) Group Payout.

2 - Private server creation.

- You join a group that were assigned to you on the withdraw page:

The group will be assigned to you automatically, when you submit your first withdraw.

After you join the group, due to Roblox Rules, you have to stay in it for up to 14 days, to be eligible for a payout. It's a one time wait, once you are more than 14 days in group, all your withdraws are instant and WITHOUT fees.

- You create your paid private server, following this tutorial: #private-server-tutorial

Once you create it, you send us a link with your place and we make the purchase.

In that case, Roblox will process the payout faster, it takes from 5 to 7 days normally, but in other hand, it will take from you a 30% fee. So for example, instead of getting 100 Robux, you will only get 70 Robux .

Those fees are applied by Roblox and we have no control on it. But if you are in rush, then you can opt by this method.

If your account has been banned or suspended, that means you have broken one of our rules.

Your account may be banned for one of the following reasons:

- You used a VPN/Proxy to complete offers

- You created more than one account

- You completed offers illegitimately

- You tried to cheat our system

- If you think your account was banned/suspended by mistake, please contact us on our Discord channel.

Share your referral link and invite your friends, family, and followers to MyRBX! When someone signs up with your referral link you will get 10% of everything they earn at no cost to them.

For example: If one of your referrals completes an offer for 200 Points you will get 20 Points added to your account. Your referral will keep the full 200 Points as normal.